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I have 3 small basement windows in an old concrete block basement wall. They have old glass in old metal frames and don't function as windows and we don't care. We'd rather seal the openings up completely with glass blocks.

Each window is no more than 12" tall x 30"wide. There are traditional leaf-clogged bug-infested window wells outside each one. They let in barely any light, they don't open, one at least is cracked, and one in fact actually has an OLD metal exhaust fan mounted in it, not glass.

I have not shopped yet for materials, and I have no experience, so I'm not sure if I'm in over my head already. For example, what do you do on a project like this if "standard" size blocks don't exactly fit inside your opening? I'm not sure I want to tackle cutting glass blocks!

Is this a project a reasonably competent DIYer could do, with products bought at, say, HD or Lowes or equivalent? It's hard for me to imagine any contractor would find a dinky job like this worth his time...

What should I do?
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