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Is humidifier wired correctly?

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Hi folks.

New house and I'm trying to get the (HVAC) humidifier working correctly. It's a GeneralAire 1099 and an Amana AMV90905DX two-stage.

There's a handwritten note taped to the humidifier that says "Humidifier set-up. Change to heat cycle only. Wires from humidifier source, move from "G" - Green to White "W1".

The humidifier is currently connected between "B/C" and "W1", but doesn't seem to be on the entire time the blower's on.

The furnace manual says "The furnaces integrated control module is equipped with line voltage accessory terminals for controlling power to an optional field-supplied humidifier and/or electronic air cleaner." I "think" these might be the terminals labeled "HUM" at the bottom of the board in the attached picture. The manual only has a block diagram that doesn't look like the circuit board. And, the manual covers a couple variations of the AMV9/ACV9 furnace, so I'm wondering if those accessory terminals might be an option I don't have?

I guess I'm looking for a more experienced opinion. I'm thinking I should move the humidifier to those terminals?

Appreciate any thoughts.



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Thanks, Surferdude2. I guess I was expecting it to be triggered by the fan. Sounds like it's correct, then. And, yes, it's on the hot water. Took a bit of tweaking to get it where there's barely anything coming out the bottom.
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