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Is backer board needed when tiling a backsplash on wood plank walls?

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I'm trying to tile a kitchen counter and backsplash on an old house (in Hawaii) that uses single wall construction. That is, the walls are comprised of vertically layed tongue and groove redwood planks. The planks are about 6 inches wide and 1-1/4 inches thick.

Do I need to use backerboard on the walls to stabilize the substrate for the backsplash?
I've read elsewhere that backer board isn't necessary when the wall is gypsum / wall board, but I'm not so sure about wood plank?

Thanks for your help.
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Hi Chinook,

You can not tile direct over planks, but I'm unclear how the wall is built. How about more specs or a few pics?

In general you do not need concrete tile backer for a backsplash, so wallboard may work, except what you now have doesn't sound very sturdy.

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