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Irrigation Mound????

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Hi All!!! I am posting for the first time on here today to ask a few questions about my irrigation mound. I have a home on about 2 acres of land with a septic system and a huge irrigation mound with about 25 pine trees on it..It has a small brick on the back end of it i have opened it and it seems to be some sort of clean out.there is a large raised concrete basin sort of thing with a huge HEAVY block with rebar handles on the front side. I cant open this by myself to see whats is in it. My questions are:
- What does this mound do? i was told it holds water runoff from my basement sump pumps?
- if it does hold water there must be some sort of tank??? is it as long as the whole mound?
- someone told me i can use the mound to tie into a sprinkler system to water my yard and landscape. is this true and how would i got about doing that?
- Is it connected in some way to my septic system?
- Does this mound require any kind of maintenance that either i can do or have a professional do?

Sorry this is all new to me and i like to know how stuff works and to utilize things to the fullest extent...Thanks for any and all help!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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