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hello and thanks in advance for 1 reading this and 2 helping if you can :)

we have a back deck approx 15 x 20 feet in size ... it's made of ironwood we were told when we bought the house 6 years ago, and it's looked dark and worn out sense then

now that my 2 year old and i are getting splinters on this darn deck

HOW can i ::001_unsure:

1, clean it back to the nice reddish coloring i am seeing on line when goggling ironwood decks ?

2, get rid of the splinter factor asap ?


3, plants have been on it and left water marks / rings that are lighter in coloring too ?

i am afraid to sand any of it for fear it will not work and also pressure wash from some of the horror stories i have read on line PLEASE HELP :wallbash:
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