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Inverter Upgrade

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Now that my house has finally gotten comfortable, it’s time to upgrade my inverter to run stuff like refrigerator, microwave, stereo system, computer, household appliances, air compressor etc. I want something with hardwire terminals. Over the years of researching it, I’ve always heard that I should get pure sine wave but I’ve heard form some that modified sine wave is good enough if the wattage is high enough.

My house:

So now I want to hear form some folks who have actually been living off grid for some years. How much wattage, pure or modified, what brands etc? Any suggestions?
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I personally prefer pure sine just because there will be no compatibility issues with any power supplies. I've used/installed Trace Sinewave inverters (a few years ago), the SW2512 and SW4024 and had very good luck with them.
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