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I have a ranch house to which an addition was applied, broadside, so that the front of the house butts directly into the addition. Needless to say there is no soffit on this side. I have had a lot of ice dam problems on the ranch roof and am working to remedy this.

I have added R30 on top of the old insulation in the attic crawlspace. The free side opposite the addition now has enough soffit vent to cover the equivalent of both sides (using the /150 rule). I am putting in a ridge vent and closing off the old end gable vent.

I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and how things went. I am a little concerned about having no "draw" on the addition side of the house without soffit vents. My hope as that the convection from this side of the attic will still carry hot air out of the ridge vent.

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