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Hey y'all hopefully I'm doing this right.

New to this community was originally signed up for the plumbing zone one but since I'm not yet licensed maybe I did not belong but luckily I found this one!

I started working with a local plumbing company in my town first as an admin then to a manager role. Working on an apprenticeship with one of our master plumbers right now.

Other than that I've been tackling DIY projects all my life. Started with my grandfather growing up we would get a truckload of sand every weekend and spend the day mixing and sifting cement for different projects around the house. With the good graces of Google, I started off just doing a few simple DIY plumbing projects and kind of been hooked since then.

On here so I don't embarrass myself in front of my lady or her parents trying to do odd jobs around the house LOL
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