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Ladies and Gentleman, greetings from beautiful South Texas :vs_cool:!!

From what I have read so far, this seems like an amazing forum, with knowledge out the Yin Yang!!!

My wife and I recently decided to buy a new house, and rent out the one we are currently living in. I'm going to pull up the carpet in the living room, and the linoleum in the entry way, kitchen, dining room, and both bathrooms, and replace with tile. I bought the tile yesterday and got a pretty dang good deal on it. $.49/sq. ft and they are 18" x 18" glazed ceramic tile. I have never messed with tile before. However I have a neighbor with a saw and he has done several tile projects that look really great. I also work with a fella that installed tile and flooring in the subdivision I live in for about 3 years. He will also be "supervising" the job.

So, because of the new house and now owing a rental, I figure thias forum would be an awesome base camp!!! Look forward to discussing what I'm working on and seeing what yall may have in the works! I will certainly be headed to the flooring forum later today.

Later amigos,

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