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introducing myself :)

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I bought my frist home last year, which was built in 1955. It's located in Windsor, Ontario on about a 1/8 acre lot. It's a single story house that used to be a 1 bedroom (I think), but has had an addition put in place in the 70's (I think). It's overall in good shape, but there are a few things I'm working thorough to make it even better.

1. Some areas aren't leveled due to being a pier foundation and neglected by the old owner
2. Insulation isn't up to par in some areas and the addition is colder than the rest of the house
3. Hot water takes a while to reach tap in the kitchen

I look forward to learning as much as I can from all the experienced folks on here.
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Welcome, You'll receive a lot of help from people here, I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba!
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