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Just a new DIY person pretty much. Father of 3 boys all still in school. Wife and I are just your average God fearing family who do what we can when not working to help make our community a better place. Enjoy scroll sawing and basic home repairs when not working. We have a 24 by 40 insulated shop next our house. About 1/2 of it is my area with various tools and a couple of benches. Looking to learn to do more with some of the equipment my family has given me over the years. Will probably come here often for help. Recently my family has given me a basic router and table, a dovetail jig and a bisquit joiner. None of which I have had time to learn to use yet. We have a family we know of who have 3 girls who want Hope Chests but do to hard times the parents have been unable to get them anything. It is my goal to learn to use the new tools and make a chest for each of them one. The personalized ornate scrollsaw parts I can do. Any help pointing me in the right direction on the other would be appreciated. This is for some deserving kids after all.
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