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So I'm 27 and from S.Carolina.
I'm more of a car repair guy, but I'm going to try my hands at home repair.

So back near the end of May, I bought my first house.
It was built in 1976, has 1,230sqft.
It has a 2 car garage, 2 full baths, 1 master bedroom, 2 extra bedrooms, 1 room above the garage, kitchen, great room, and a 2ft crawl space:yuck:.
It needs a lot of work.
The house was sold or abandoned midway through remodeling.
What they got finished was: all new windows, wood floor in the great room, new shingle roof.
What they didn't finish is: the master bed & bath room and closet, kitchen, stairs to the room above garage.
What still needs remodeling: the rest of the house. :laughing:

So I have a lot of work ahead of me that I plan to span over the next 5 years.
Ill post up repairs/renovations I do when ever I do them, along with questions if I have any.

Today I'm doing some repairs to the exrta bath room's shower.
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