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Into, my 1st house.

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So I'm 27 and from S.Carolina.
I'm more of a car repair guy, but I'm going to try my hands at home repair.

So back near the end of May, I bought my first house.
It was built in 1976, has 1,230sqft.
It has a 2 car garage, 2 full baths, 1 master bedroom, 2 extra bedrooms, 1 room above the garage, kitchen, great room, and a 2ft crawl space:yuck:.
It needs a lot of work.
The house was sold or abandoned midway through remodeling.
What they got finished was: all new windows, wood floor in the great room, new shingle roof.
What they didn't finish is: the master bed & bath room and closet, kitchen, stairs to the room above garage.
What still needs remodeling: the rest of the house. :laughing:

So I have a lot of work ahead of me that I plan to span over the next 5 years.
Ill post up repairs/renovations I do when ever I do them, along with questions if I have any.

Today I'm doing some repairs to the exrta bath room's shower.
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Typo, meant to put "Intro" in the title. I guess "Into" works alright.

Finally moving in this weekend.
congrats.. im in my first and in the same situation as you! this should be interesting!
We are glad to have you here, you will find a bunch of nice folks here willing to help. Congratulations on your home.
Welcome to the forum!! :)
What part of SC are you from?
^ Goose Creek, its right up from Charleston.
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