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internal comfort product heater burner on and off every 10 secind

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I have a international confort producr COMFORTMAKER heater in my house. ANd noticed that burner is on for 10 second and off for 3 second and do continously. Think something wrong but do not know waht is going on. Sometime blower not on when in auto mode then hear clicking sound all the time then when I turn fan on then blower start. Is this thermo controller problem of some kind of sensor in the furnace.

Please Help
Thank you
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EAC's should be cleaned every 30 days, including the pre filters.

May have a problem with the exhaust and the pressure switch is opening and closing.
High limits don't reset in 3 seconds.

His coil may be dirty, but it is not the cause of the symptom he described.
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Always best to replace a pressure switch one it gets water in it.
Make sure the hose doesn't have a low spot in it on its path to the switch. next, look for a small hole at the port on the pressure switch. Make sure the hose is not covering it.
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