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internal comfort product heater burner on and off every 10 secind

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I have a international confort producr COMFORTMAKER heater in my house. ANd noticed that burner is on for 10 second and off for 3 second and do continously. Think something wrong but do not know waht is going on. Sometime blower not on when in auto mode then hear clicking sound all the time then when I turn fan on then blower start. Is this thermo controller problem of some kind of sensor in the furnace.

Please Help
Thank you
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Evaportor coil model No. EEA60J22A1
Case Model No. EED60J22C1
MFG No. EED60J22C1
Two model number inside


And eqipped with electronic air cleaner.
Cleaned about 3 month ago.
I agree to beenthere my coil is dirty but that caused this problem. When outside temperature is cold burner working continuously until it reached certain temperature (I set temp. to 68) and when outside temperature is warmer a lot of time burner turn on and off intermediately every 5-10 second for about 3 to 5 minute. Then blower never on then system off and keep doing this cycle until I switch fan auto to on then still burner kick on and off several times. The clicking sound is loud I can hear from the first floor where heater is located in basement.
I agree to beenthere my coil is dirty but that caused this problem.

Sorry for this sentence.
I mean my coil might be dirty but that not cause this problem.
Found small water in the pressure switch line. I cleared the line then no clicking sound and no turn on and off burner. In this case pressure switch has to be changed?
I ordered pressure switch and cleaned pressure switch line and after 2 days later I noticed same problem again. Then I found water in the pressure switch line again. Checked in the morning found water again. Induced fan is hot and there should not be any mositure in it. Tube is connected top part of the induced fan and pressure switch has only one line comming from the induced fan. 11 years old furnace with electronic filter system and humidifier. I would like to know what happened on my furnace and how to fix?

1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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