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internal comfort product heater burner on and off every 10 secind

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I have a international confort producr COMFORTMAKER heater in my house. ANd noticed that burner is on for 10 second and off for 3 second and do continously. Think something wrong but do not know waht is going on. Sometime blower not on when in auto mode then hear clicking sound all the time then when I turn fan on then blower start. Is this thermo controller problem of some kind of sensor in the furnace.

Please Help
Thank you
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What Model Comfortmaker do you have?
We need the model number of the Furnace. Probably inside the furnace after you remove the panels so you can see the inducer fan and gas valve. Maybe to the left?

Make sure your flue and intake is clear, and your condensate lines and trap is clear.

Is your filter clean? How often do you change it?
Clean your AC Evaporator coil. It sounds like you have an overheating condition, and this could be caused by dirt clogging up your coil.
"I agree to beenthere my coil is dirty but that caused this problem."

Does this really make sense to you?????

Do you mean:

"I agree with Beenthere. My coil is dirty, but that is not what caused my current problem."

So you know your Evaporator coil is dirty, preventing proper airflow out of the furnace, but you are not going to clean it.

Beenthere might very well be correct, as I have followed his posts, and found him to be an excellent HVAC professional.

It is my opinion that dirt, debris, and corrosion are usually the culprits that cause the original problems in the first place, so getting your unit as clean as possible is always the starting point for logical deductive reasoning.

I think Beenthere will second me on this train of thought.
The water built up so high in your collector box due to lack of service that it flowed into your pressure switch. I would definitely replace it, after a thorough cleaning of your system, including your secondary heat exchanger. and all lines.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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