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Intermittent pilot assembly
White-Rodgers type 5059-122 pilot relite control module
White-Rodgers Liquid Mercury Flame Sensor, 48" Element, 3 Pin Plug In
White-Rodgers 36C94-213 gas valve

The furnace want cut on automatically, I normally just manually light the pilot burner and the pilot will come on, because the pilot relite module want activate a spark. So when the system is started manually everything engages normal, but when the thermostat reaches about 70 degrees the whole system shuts down accept the blower, an I regularly have my thermostat to cut off at 75-80 degrees, so while the blower is still going the whole system will reengage itself back on in about 2 mins completely. An this continues to happen until the temp reaches the thermostat temp, an once it reaches that temp the system no longer comes back on until I manually light it again. So what could be the possible reasons for this occurring. If you’ll need any more info let me know. Thanks a lot

I’ve cleaned the thermostat, control module, flame sensor contacts and tighten a few loose screws, still same results.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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