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I've completely had it with my 2 1/2 year old Rheem power vent and its Vapor sensor. 1 year ago i got the "vapors detected" code, perhaps the laundry detergent was too close to the unit.. then 6 months ago i got the same error..perhaps my basement remodel made the air flow too tight and triggered the sensor.

Now this morning i'm getting a flashing 2/3 which means "vapor sensor interface failure/miswire". How can it be 'miswired' the unit hasnt been touched in 6 months!?!? Now, this is not the same error code as "flammable vapors detected" this code is different it says "miswiring".

I did an Ohm test on the sensor and i'm reading 39 (when i have the dial pointed to the 200k label, i admit i claim not to be proficient in reading Ohms).

The last 2 times i had problems i indeed thought i did something to trigger the problem, now after today i'm convinced these units are garbage. I'm not knocking their purpose, i understand they save lives, i'm just having nothing but frustration with mine.

yet again i will be taking another day off of work to wait for a tech to come over and yet again my shower will be ice cold.

Does anybody have any experience with the "miswired" error code?
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