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So around the windows and doors of our 3.5 year old home looks like what they call integrated J channel. I may be wrong, so please correct me if I am. We had a couple of siding/window contractors come give us quotes since our siding has fallen off in different areas and is ripping/bulging in others and about 1/3rd of our windows leak (both window guys said that the builder didn't seal the exterior of the windows at all, jambs are warped and basically every window needs to be replaced. All 4 contractors said that after checking an exterior window and door that either the J channel or channel flashing (can't remember which they said) wasn't done correctly. I tried to research what we have and it seems like it's integrated J channel.

Other neighbors' windows have noticeable J channel around their windows.

The tops of one of the windows I could see had no visible holes at the tops. The others definitely had visible holes or the trim was pulling away leaving visible holes. Even then though, it looks like water would run down the sides of the channel and empty at the bottom. At the bottom it looks like there is some J channel right below the window but not noticeable unless you look under the wide vinyl trim. You can see in at least one door area where there is black tape so don't know if that's ok or bad. So both the siding and window guys are telling us that the windows and siding needs to be removed and flashing may need to be redone and they want to check to make sure that there was no water intrusion (which they said there may be none).

Can anyone look at some of the pictures I put up and tell me if what they're saying is spot on? I'm not looking for people saying that they don't like integrated J channel because it can have problems, I'm looking for if what the builder did was to industry standards/code compliant, etc.


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