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Insulation tape

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I have paper faced insulation in the attic that has some tears in the paper. I'm going to replace the sections that are real bad, but in the areas that just have small tears, I want to tape it up. Is there a proper type of tape for this?
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I agree, leave the paper facing alone as it is acting as a wind baffle to direct the air stream along the roof because I really doubt it is close after 10 years or so. FG, faced insulation sags to compress itself from 5-1/2" to 3" in a crawlspace, I can't see a steep roof being much different. NO NEED to tape the seams/joints as it is area weighed, not your air barrier, though the insulation may help keep the attic cooler in summer from roof solar gain. The facing is a vapor barrier (retarder) and should have gaps between pieces to allow moisture in attic center/edges to leave via the roof plane where most of your air movement is located. eg; when installing a radiant barrier, always leave a gap top/bottom for same reason. Don't tape it...

PS. even if they stapled the tabs to the rafter tops, it will stretch/sag to create a gap, at least in the center of the facing. IMO.
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