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Insulation tape

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I have paper faced insulation in the attic that has some tears in the paper. I'm going to replace the sections that are real bad, but in the areas that just have small tears, I want to tape it up. Is there a proper type of tape for this?
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Hi Joe,
Where is the insulation that you can access the facing? In the attic floor the paper should be under the insulation next to the drywall.

That sounds like a touchy area to have insulation with just kraft paper to the inside. I'll list some concerns, remember I'm a thousand miles away.
1. There needs to be an air gap above the insulation and not have it in contact with the roof.
2. There needs to be a rigid air barrier covering it, like a layer of drywall. That keeps attic air and moisture from getting through.
3. You need to go one way or the other, insulate and air seal the attic floor or insulate and air seal the bottom of the rafters along with the gable ends. In DC a vapor barrier is another discussion.
4. If the ceiling is also insulated you run the risk of a cold attic and condensation on that rafter insulation and air barrier.
What is in place for attic venting; soffit? Gable? Ridge? Other?

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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