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Insulation on Basement Ceiling

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I recently moved into an old (1920) row home in Baltimore that has recently been renovated. The major work was done by a seemingly experienced contractor, but some of the more recent changes were completed by the homeowner.

One of the "improvements" I'm questioning is the addition of insulation on the basement ceiling as it tapers back from a standing height basement to more of a crawl space height.

I'm worried about the insulation harboring moisture, and plus I think it's installed backwards: the vapor barrier is facing the floor.

Should I rip the insulation out, or just leave it alone?

Thanks in advance.
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Matt, is the house drafty or cold, or are you just concerned?

If you are worried about moisture you could rip it out and do foam (more expensive) or just replace it with the vapor barrier facing the right way.

Im also in Baltimore and experienced with the row houses here. If you need a insulation contractor send me a message.
The house itself isn't particularly cold or drafty I'm really just concerned about the moisture buildup on the insulation down there. I guess I'm not even sure that I need insulation on that floor, the space doesn't get very cold.

However, while I'm thinking about it, the very back corner of the house does seem to have a cold draft sort of coming out of the bottom of the wall if that makes sense.

I'm not sure how the band joist applies to masonry walls...but I don't see anything that looks like a traditional band joist to me, maybe I'm missing something. I'll drag some lights down there and get better pictures tomorrow, but a few are below to give you some sense of what I'm dealing with.


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