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Insulating wall when running Copper Tube lines to an exposed wall face

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My home has an attachment onto the original house that is my laundry room. The original source lines for the hot/cold/drainage water lines are on the side of the original house wall where this attached addition was placed. I would like to run these lines through the wall around a corner to stack my washer dryer units on the other wall, clearing up a ton of space.

My question is regarding best strategy insulating this new wall as the new lines would now be on an exposed wall.
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If you mean an outside wall of your home DO NOT do it. If the wall is heated facing your room and the great out of doors is on the other side of your wall the water lines WILL freese up at some time down the line. It might not be for years, but the moment you think everything is good with your life they will freese, pop, and blow and believe me a 1/2" water line can DESTROY a house!!!
Do not put insulation between the pipe and the inside wall (or floor or ceiling) surface. (Prior to putting on the drywall, etc. you should see the entire pipe as if there were no insulation at all.) If the pipe is mounted quite close to the exterior wall material, it is obvious that your R-rating shall be severely limited.
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