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Hi all, I've been reading up online and am more confused than ever about the vapor barrier location on rim joist.

I live in okanagan, BC, Canada. Dry hot summers, moderately cold Winter.

My home has a 2 foot concrete foundation wall (6" thick) exterior dirt varies from half to top of concrete (no moisture barriers on exterior). I then have a dirt floor in the crawl space. Not surprisingly I have moisture issues.

My plan is to poly floor and install rigid foam to walls of foundation, taping poly to the inside of foam.
But what to do on rim board, where should the vapor barrier go?

1.Hard against rim board and have the Roxul exposed to the crawl space?

2. Install roxul against rim board and vapor barrier the internal side flush with rigid board?
(The fibreglass insulation was like 2, and failed, but there was no poly to stop rising damp in the crawl space at that time)

I'm partial to poly and roxul as I have both and would rather not spend another 1k on froth packs.

But I know that vapor barrier locations can be affected by seasons summer vs winter, as the insulation should dry in or outwards.

Has someone else come across this and found the definitive answer?
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