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Insulating interior basement walls

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First, I'd like to apologize for my lack of experience---I'll likely use some incorrect terms.

I just bought my first house and the basement has a partially-finished room that I would like to use for an office. It is wired, vented, and has drywall up with 2 walls being external and 2 being internal. Unfortunately, they failed to insulate the external walls before, so I know I need to do that. My home inspector suggested having loose insulation sprayed rather than taking down the walls.

My question is regarding the two interior walls. Do I need to insulate these from the rest of the unfinished basement? Eventually I would like to finish the entire basement, but it would likely be a year or two before that happens.

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Welcome to the forum!

Where are you located?

Is there poly sheeting plastic on the concrete?

You are in either Zone 5 or 6;

I recommend using rigid foam board glued tight to the concrete wall with no vapor barrier:

In the unfinished area, I would install a house wrap as an air barrier on the floor joists to prevent wind-washing of the fiberglass;

Foam board the rim joists after air sealing any/all wiring/plumbing holes to above;

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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