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Insulating Garage

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Hi folks - it's finally my turn to post a question as I embark on a new project.

We have a 1960's house with an attached garage (living in Ontario, Canada climate). I am going to convert the back half of the garage into living space (likely an office or bedroom). My problem is what to do with the ceiling (There are bedrooms directly above the garage). I have attempted to attach a photo but basically it is stucco.

I have talked with friends and neighbours and opinions are varied. The opinions I have received are:

1) strap with 1x3s and not cut into existing ceiling (i.e. pot lights) as this will allow sound to travel easily between rooms

2) similar to #1...strap with 1x3s and drywall but cut into existing ceiling to install potlights or whatever (i.e. no worry about sound travel)

3) tear down existing ceiling and remove insulation because right now it is insulated, and since there is already a bedroom above, you should treat this just like any other room

Currently #3 makes the most sense to me.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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y r u removing the ceiling? don't like? tear it off i you like, but there is not need to remove insulation; it will help reduce noise. with strapping over "stucco" looking stuff, i'd be worried about it coming loose, so i'd leave it exposed or remove it, myself. there's nothing like starting new and doing it right.
Yes - I guess that's it really...I don't like the stucco plus it's a little rough. Maybe if it was an office I could do with it but it's more than likely going to be a bedroom.
IMO, you really want to have the same ceiling height and texture as the rest of the living space. I'd probably tear it down and redo it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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