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We have a small rear entry porch - about 6' x 6' -- it is partially enclosed, but not conditioned. There is a room which has a portion that extends over this unconditioned space.

Not surprisingly, like a room over an unconditioned garage, this room tends to have a cold spot on the floor.

I have the opportunity to re-do the ceiling over the porch and am planning on adding some insulation as there is almost certainly none currently.

I'm assuming a 2x8 joist cavity and was thinking 1" unfaced XPS + spray foam the perimeters + 2x6 batts of Roxul unfaced insulation (labeled rating is R23). And then will close up the ceiling over that.

If the 2x6 batt + 1" xps doesn't actually fill the bay, what should I do? More xps, overstuff a 2x8 batt in?

Am I missing anything that could improve this?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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