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insulating duct work in attic

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I'm not sure what kind of insulation to use on my duct work. Do I use fiberglass with the foil on one side or the stuff that slips over the duct work. It is 6" round ridged duct work. it looks like what ever was up there before had wire holding it up there instead of foil tape.
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First and foremost, seal all the seams with mastic or a proper tape.

Depending on the type and how much insulation you have in the attic, many times you can run it across the attic floor and blow loose insulation over top to a depth that will insulated the duct work at the same time.
They make sleeves. Imperative to get the ductwork completely sealed prior to application.

You can actually take batts and wrap them around the ductwork as well for more R-Value but the pre-made sleeves are more user friendly for the initial insulation and vapor barrier.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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