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insulating duct work in attic

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I'm not sure what kind of insulation to use on my duct work. Do I use fiberglass with the foil on one side or the stuff that slips over the duct work. It is 6" round ridged duct work. it looks like what ever was up there before had wire holding it up there instead of foil tape.
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I was thinking about doing blow in without wrapping duct work, only thing is the duct work is about 12-18" about joists. I dont know the terminology but my furnace is in the garage and goes up through the ceiling so theres a square section in the attic that has all the duct work running from it. Anyway it isnt insulated either, what would I use for that?
I got up in the attic and noticed the gable vent on one end of the house is open and closed on the other end. Theres a lot of cold air blowing on to the uninsulated ducts. Can I close off the other gable vent for a couple weeks until I get some one to blow more insulation in? Theres basically none up there. There are vents in the soffit.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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