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I've got a walk-up attic stairway. Actual steps, not the fold up kind.

I'd like to address insulating it. The stairs are wood and the walls next to it are 2x4 and have insulation in them. My concern is the amount of insulation in them (along with under the stairs) is quite a lot less than what's along the rest of the attic on top of the the ceiling.

At some point we may have the space above remodeled into a room.

The stairs end at the attic floor above (no knee wall or railing). It's not an entirely flat area, however, as the roof trusses come down about 36" from the door end. So I can't create an entirely flat slab of foam over it. I'd have to indent that section.

There's enough clearance above it to allow for creating a hinged panel. Attached at the far end (in the picture) and hinged to swing upward. The right side edge (top of the interior wall below) is lower than the adjacent 3/4" flooring. The top ends of the stair are above the plywood flooring to allow for later carpet or other material to be added.

I've attached a picture, looking down from the top of the stairs. Various bits of insulation are pulled away from areas around it and will be replaced.

My main question is whether it'd be better to insulate down at the door or across the top of the stairwell?


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