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Insulating around waste pipe?

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We are having our powder room floor tiled in a few days, and today the plumber came and swapped out the lead waste pipe for pvc. He left it high so we could tile and then he will come back to cut to appropriate height.

We noticed there is a lot of cold draft coming up through the large gap around the pipe and wondered if we could put insulation there, stuffed down under the subfloor and trying to block the air before the backerboard and tile is installed. Is this appropriate and if so, what should we use?

I've attached a photo to better illustrate -- Thanks for any suggestions.



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I am guessing you are over a crawl space vs. a basement?

When the flange goes on, it should be tight to the floor and sealed to the subfloor.

If you want to seal it in the meantime, stuff a plastic bag around it or some batt insulation if you have some around. The trash bag option is usually much more readily available.
Is that space over a crawl space?

The bigger issue is that there is no insulation or air barrier down there if so.

Look up all the crawl space threads here on this forum and you will get some ideas on how to improve that insulation schedule. That has to be fixed up a well or you are going to have an ice cold bathroom/toilet.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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