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Insulating a vaulted ceiling

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My idea for insulating a story and a half roof, let me know if my logic is faulty. And code, shmode, it wasn't built to code so don't quote code to me.

I need to get my R value up and create some ventilation that was not built correctly. I have a steep roof, I think around 10 or 11 twelve with 2x6 rafters sitting on pony walls and extending up to the peak. Insulation was packed between the roof sheeting and the sheetrock, no vent at all. I am going to gut the entire upstairs, rip all the rock and insulation out. Then, my idea is to rip some osb strips about a foot wide and full 8 foot long, nail to either side of the rafters to create enough depth to insulate. I will then probably tuck some closed cell foam between the osb, then cap it with a 2x2. I plan on putting wood tongue and groove up after that. The vault will not go clear up, I will tie the rafters together as some point.

My thinking is that this will give me some room for enough insulation, separate the wood transfer of cold, and leave me with enough of a vent to go from the eaves to the ridge vent I intend to install. Will this work? I know, I should spray foam it, but I don't have the 12 grand that it will take to do that.