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Installing Window with no fin or moulding

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Here's the scoop.

The club house of the Rugby club I belong to was in need o f serious TLC. One item was a broken window that had been boarded up (poorly) for two years. Any way got rid of the mold and replaced the entire wall section where the window was located. In the mean time someone else is sourcing the replacement window. Well I understand they got a great deal:), but now I have to install it and its not like anything I've seen or at least dealt with:(. No fin or brick moulding. Possibly it was for a msonary wall, though I have no experience with it. Looking for advice as how to install it and get it water tight.

4x6 Window Reinforced with Aluminum frame.
Vinyl Siding
2x6 construction

Use Flashing tape as normal
Use Shims, drill Holes, and screw window flush to outside of J-Trim.
Add Drip cap over window.
Use backer Rod and sealant between window and JTrim?
Not sure what additional steps I should take?

It's a bad location for water with no Eave above and on the prevailing wind side for driving rain.
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I would build a window box frame out of vinyl wood make it 1/8 to 1/4" larger inside than the replacement window. Install as a standard new construction window (flashing,insulation, etc). Install vinyl outside stops and caulk the inside edge. Slide the replacement window in against the caulked stop, install side screws, insulate around the sides, and then install the inside stop.
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