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Installing vapor barrier

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OK, this may seem like a dumb question but...

I know from reading that vapor barriers should be installed flush against the warm surface. My house is on raised pilings and the concern is more for A/C 8 months a year rather than heating. So how should the vapor barrier be installed? Same way as for more northern climates? Flush against the subfloor (which in this case would be the cooled surface?)
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insulating crawl space ceiling

I have a 200 s.f crawl space in a 1400 s.f. basement. It is directly below my children's bedroom. The heating pipes are within the floor joists underneath. The outer walls have been insulated and its floor is finished concrete. I have insulated the ceiling in this crawl space and installed vapour barrier. I have not competed sealed the vapour barrier. Should I remove the vapour barrier or leave it or partially remove it?
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