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I'm trying to replace an existing 3 way light switch with a programmable timer switch that has five wires and need help with some of the wire connections. Trying to replace the left light switch (switch 1 in diagram). Here's what I'm thinking

New Timer wires:
> Red to Red (line 2)
> White to white (line 2)
> Black to Black (line 1)
> green to ground wires
> yellow wire to ?????

Which wire does the yellow wire from timer connect to? Thanks for any help.

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That timer will not work with a standard 3way at the other end. You need to use a matching remote switch. Do you have one, which one is it?

Depending on whether that matching remote switch has an LED or not, will determine where you put the timer.

With LED on the matching remote switch, it goes in the line location and the timer in the load position.
Without the LED, timer in line position and matching remote switch in load.
The wiring diagrams have minor but important differences.

You may want to get a different timer switch that is easier to install/wire or you may want to consider using an electrician if proceeding with this switch.
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