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Installing Tile 2nd Floor-Pros/Cons

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I am researching wood look tile and engineered wood for my second floor. I really prefer the tile, but the weight concerns me. The subfloor is below standards but I am keeping it and either adding durock on top for tile or OSB on top for the engineered wood. I am concerned about sound so if I go with the engineered wood I will be nailing it down.
One post I read a guy said that the extra weight should not be a problem and could actually add increased stability to the home.
This is a 2,000 + townhome, end unit, Irving, Tx. So, about 1,000 SQ FT upstairs would be subfloor/mortar/durock/mortar/tile/grout. Was not sure if I still need a moisture barrier since this was not going to be wet areas.

I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!
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