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Installing subfloor - edges not hitting joists

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Installing attic subfloor. Truss bottom chords are 24" oc but some are not too accurate. My 4x8 subflooring is missing some of the "joists" by 1/2" or so. What is an acceptable way to fix this? Can I sister 2x6s to the bottom chords of the trusses?
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Before going to far with this are you even sure the trusses are rated for top loading?
Is this going to now be a conditioned area? (HVAC)
By adding plywood your cutting way down on the avalible space for insulation.

To ansewer your question, yes you can sister some 2 X 6's.
Thanks. These are attic trusses rated for 40 psf LL. the attic space will be conditioned. Do i need to sister the 2x6 the entire length of the truss (from wall to wall) or can i add it just where i need it in the center section of the truss?
Called truss mfg. He says I can use a 2x4, just where I need it, nailed to the 2x6 truss with 1 16d nail per foot.
I'd be using a nail gun not a hammer, unless you want to do some sheetrock repairs.
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