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Home built in 1966, located in Mass. so hopefully feedback will be to MA plumbing codes. However, any feedback is much appreciated.

Existing bathroom has toilet and sink on same wet wall

Laundry room is right beside bath room sharing same wet wall.

Current configuration is washer drain flows into 2" vent behind sink.

Sink drains into the other side of the vent forming a "t" in the vent pipe.

Vent pipe goes up and over to main vent

drain goes down into concrete floor and connects into toilet 3" or 4" drain? Can not see it as I have not broken into floor yet.

I understand it is against MA plumbing code to drain washer into a permanent fixture wet vent pipe.

So the question is how do I re-configure the washer drain and vent system as I prepare to break into the floor and add a drain for the shower addition?

Does the washer drain have to go all the way to the toilet drain and connect independently to it? Will not be easy!

Does the washer vent have to be independent and tap into the existing 2" vent further down stream prior to the existing 2" vent tapping into the main vent? How far?

Thanks for the feedback!

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It s hard to give you an answer without us seeing what the piping looks like under the slab. We also need to know how far away the shower is from the other fixtures. In most cases if the drain going to to the lavi is within 5 ft from the shower you can cut in a wye and catch the shower that way and use the vent from the lavi to vent your shower providing that the pipe is at the mimimum of 2 inches and how many fixtures are on it but as I said we need to see what the piping looks like under the slab. as far as ma code goes you will have to find someone who is familiar with that code and how the inspections office interprets that said code.
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