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Do you guys have any tips or tricks when installing pre hung doors???? I have my rough opening and I ordered two doors.

I am finishing my basement and have doors that I am going to buy prehung. I am figuring on just using previous knowledge and common sense but I don't want to mess up too bad.

Any help you can give me would be great.


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Pre hung doors come with extended jamb legs so the door will clear rugs or a saddle. You need to decide how much clearance you need for your application and cut the legs to the proper length or leave them alone. If the floor isn't level you will need to cut the legs so that the top reveal is equal accross the door. The cuts could be different. If a rug is going down, you can just shim one side as the rug will cover the shim.
After this is done you can put the door into the opening and start the install. You'll secure the hinge side first. Add shims as needed and tack the jamb in place. Shims go behind each hinge. The door should be 1/8" away from the jamb from top to bottom if you did it correctly.
The latch side will be the same. Set the shims so the reveal is 1/8" and nail it in place. Close the door and make sure the door hits the door stops at the same time. If it hits the bottom before the top, you need to make an adjustment.
This will go more easily if the framing is plumb and square.

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Common sense will suffice.
Take it apart, hang the half that has the door on it first, you can take the door off by pulling the hinge pins off but that isn't necessary.
If your floor is finished just set it on the floor. If you are going to add tile/wood/carpet later, do that now and hang the doors afterward, or consider the height of the finished floor.

Be sure the casing on the opposite (strike) side reaches over the drywall at the top. If its short slide the whole thing over.

You can hang it by plumbing the casing on the hinge side and nailing the casing into the wall.

Then close the door, level the top casing, and check the reveal across the top of the door.
Nail the top casing where it is level and the reveal is even.
Then plumb the strike side casing and check that reveal too.
Before attaching the other set of casing, shim in 2 - 3 places between the hinge jamb and the stud behind it and nail that jamb through the shims. This is so the whole door isn't hanging on those little brad they have nailing the casing to the jamb.
Then slide the other casing into the set you have attached, check that it operates, is securely attached and looks good, and nail the other set of casing around its perimeter.
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