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Installing Pantry Shelving

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Hello All,

We are in the process of building a corner step in pantry. The two "long" walls will be 4'2" each (which will be the span of the shelves). I plan to use 9" deep shelves up above, and 12" shelves below (to store deeper items like appliances). What I'm wondering is if I run a 1x2 strip underneath along the back & sides of the shelves, if that will be enough support for the shelves?

Basically, I'm trying to avoid having to use any sort of L bracket because I really don't like the look of them - I want the pantry to look as seamless as possible. For the shelves, I'll be using maple melamine (basically laminated particle board). So, 1) would a 1x2 strip be enough support to span the whole 4'2", and if not 2) do any of you know of any options that don't involve having to use L brackets?

I've attached a picture of what I ideally want our pantry to look like in terms of the shelves.

Thank you!!
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That stuff is really flimsy and loves to sag.
You would have to have some sort of face frame to stop the sagging.
Laminated shelving would be the strongest. (Lowes has it in the lumber area)
Followed by 3/4 plywood and 1 X pine.
and of course how much weight you want to put on the shelves .....
Apologies for dragging up and old thread but this picture is perfect for what I am looking for.....

I am looking to do something similar to the above for some shelving in our MB closet. I do not mind the ledger look but am concerned about sagging.

I cannot use laminated shelving down here it is too humid and the stuff sags something chronic so going with solid stock.

If I take the above ledger system using 2x2 as the support and then do the same support in the front with cross pieces from front to back do you think I can get away with a couple of 6' shelves? I am really trying to avoid brackets.

Basically the pic below would be if you were looking down from the top of the shelf. Black would be the 2x2 and blue would be the shelf itself.

Too much???



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Use 1 X 4's not 2 X 2's.
Near impossible to find a straight 2 X 2 and they love to split when fastened.
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Thanks for the heads up on the splitting Joe, didn't even think that far through.
if you can use 12" pine stair treads they will be strongest.they are 1" thick and you can get them up to 12' long and very very minimal support needed. they basically span far distances easily. other wise I recommend the finger jointed primed lumber and lots of added linear support( back, face, and vertical)
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