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Installing Outlet or Hardwiring Garage Door Opener

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Hi All! Your advice is much appreciated on the most practical, easiest, DIY-able option for wiring an outlet or hard-wiring my garage door opener. (See attached pics with potential wiring options highlighted).

I'm happy to say that my DIY garage door opener installation has yielded a working garage door. BUT - It is currently powered by an extension cord. I'd like to introduce a more permanent connection (and do my best to be up to code).

I'd like to do the electrical work myself, realizing it's nothing to take lightly. A few thoughts on options based on the photos:

  • Fluorescent lighting and fixture are connected to a switch, so wiring through them is probably not ideal despite its close proximity.
  • The extension chord is currenly plugged into an outlet in the back of the garage. Wiring is accessible behind this wall - probably the most accessible of the outlets for wiring.
  • Breaker panel is close. This is a little intimidating, and maybe unnecessary?
  • Not visible - A small chunk of yellow cable pokes out of the wall above the breaker panel and passes into a hole in the ceiling. Thinking it could possibly be spliced for a wire to the opener? Probably the most accessible...

What would you say is the best option to get a wire? How would you wire it (embed outlet, conduit to box, hardwire, etc.)?

Thank you!!

The original thread where I tackled low clearance issues is over at this thread.
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I had a very similar situation as yours. For me, the power was at the light and on a switch loop. The switch was in a 2 gang box with an outlet. I removed the switch and put an outlet in its place. I removed the original pull chain light and electrical box from the ceiling an installed a 3 gang box. In this box I put 2 outlets and an auto light switch. I also installed 2 3 ft. Lights. Now the opener is powered by the plug in the ceiling along with the 3ft. Lights that are powered by the other outlet. The auto switch turns the lights on when I walk into the garage and off after I leave it.


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@sublime2 - Automatic lights in the garage... awesome. ~stealing~ I can't say how many times we've gotten in the car then realized we forgot to turn off the lights.

@djdemers1 - My garage has had the extension cord stapled to the ceiling for 17 years. Go buy some cable track and it'll be "upscale" :p

Joking aside, I'm with joecaption wondering what's above the garage there (attic maybe?)

If no, they make wire fishing kits for running all the AV cables in-wall for your wall mounted TVs. The one I have is made of plastic, I believe it would be stiff enough to run it along the joists under the insulation.

You'd have to cut a small hole in "corner" at the ceiling and wall you're going to run the wires down to at the fuse box I think you're thinking? Or you could piggy back to another outlet in the garage (*I think - check your codes on if you can share outlets to an opener though - ours are super lax.)

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What's above that ceiling?
It's a basement garage, so there is a living room above it. The joists run sideways across the garage, so I could probably snake a wire in from the side wall.
@sublime2 - I love the idea of the motion sensing light. I've been either forgetting the lights every morning, or starting the car in the dark... That looks like a perfect solution - thanks!

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This is a good application for surface mount EMT/PVC tube. Surface mound a conduit style receptacle box on ceiling near opener and run conduit along ceiling to panel. Reasonably tidy and wires are protected.
^^^^ Like he said ^^^^ :wink2:

And in regard to the motion sensor lights.... What brand overhead garage door opener did you buy?

Our Chamberlain has that... it is indeed awesome.
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