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Installing new dimmer switch

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Hey all,

I just installed this new Lutron dimmer (here are the instructions):

The lights are controlled from 3 locations downstairs so I was following 3B and 4B in the instructions above.

However, I wasn't replacing a regular switch like it shows in the instructions, I was replacing an old dimmer, one very similar to this one:

So when it says to tag the common wire, I wasn't sure which one it was since the old dimmer only had 3 wires coming from it so I took an educated guess on which was the common and connected it to the black wire and connected the others as noted.

Turn power on, nothing....the lights wont come on from any of the 3 locations downstairs.

So after turning the power off again, I open the switch back up and I change the 2 connections. I hook the red up to the red this time, turn the power on and boom, it works! Not only from the new dimmer switch but all 3 locations like before.

My question is, if it's working now, does that mean it has to be hooked up properly? In other words, could it be hooked up wrong where it could be a safety hazard even though it appears to be working as intended? Or as long as it is working I have no worries?


Here is a diagram I drew in paint if it helps (I think its accurate):

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If it works you got it right. It won’t work correctly with a traveler on the common terminal and the travelers can be on either traveler terminal. Sit back and enjoy it.
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