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Installing my first laminate floor...and hit a wall, or not...I need some help! Read

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So I have almost a whole room done...three or four rows to go.
I just got to a door that leads from the room to the outside.
I undercut the doorjam, and that piece fit well enough. Now the problem: my next piece, if I want to keep my ~1/4 inch expansion gap, will leave some space from the heavy metal transition that is in the doorway. I like the transition piece, and I would like to keep it, but I do have to do something about this gap. Is there a threshold that I can buy that would work here? It seems like a small rubber strip would be prefect, allowing expansion but also filling the gap...but I am not sure that exists either.


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Tricky spot. They make all sorts of molding, I would think T-molding would work there.
Pic below is bamboo but just to give you a idea of shape.
100% clear silicone to glue it to the floor.
Just something about that sloped threshold bothers me, almost looks like it is installed backwards.
Would be common for interior side to be flat, then sloped on exterior side for water to run off, I dunno.
Need to cut floor short enough, so when you step on it and flexes, does not hit the threshold and knock the glued molding off.

Another option, and if you had a flat threshold, I would cut flooring at about 1/4" shy and run a nice bead of caulk there. They sell laminate flooring caulk for this.
Just not sure if it is a good option for you with sloped threshold.

Lets hope others have more ideas.
Funfool is right that door or it least a replacement threshold was install backwards.
That really needs to be addressed!! Or waters going to be coming in under the door.
Turned around there would have been about 1-1/2 flat back side of the threshold to install a transition strip againt.
Also those jambs are long over due to be sanded, primed and painted 2 coats before they start rotting at the bottom.
Yep----something is wrong---how about a shot of the door from a bit further back-----I often reset the threshold on top of the new flooring---but that won't work here---
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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