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Installing mudroom coat hooks

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Gramma is at it again. Opened up a closet in mudroom. Cubbies at top, bench with cubbies at the bottom. Now I need to install a 1 x 6 x 5' piece of wood which will have the coats hooks screwed to the wood. I need to install this piece of wood unto the drywall. I've located a couple of studs. I assume I should use screws to attach to the drywall. What kind of screws? What size? How many screws would keep it in place? If two aren't enough should I use a toggle type screw where studs aren't available. Should I use glue? I know this sounds elementary but I've never done this before! :no: Thanks for any help!
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All the above

In the least you could get away with a screw in two different studs. If you are sure you have found a stud, measure over 16 inches and you may find another stud. One way to find a stud is to screw in a dry wall screw and when it reaches the dry wall it will keep screwing, if you missed the stud it will just spin and not go farther into the dry wall. You could use toggle bolts into the drywall as well. How would I do it you ask. Well I am rather lazy and cheap so I would just pound nails making sure to hit a few studs. If you have a drill you could use maybe two inch or longer drywall screws, I like the square head, but Phillips will be fine. Try and use two screws per stud, one on top of the other maybe an inch apart. Then come back and mount the hooks over the mounting screws. This is one way to do this, choose the one that sounds easiest to you. I have found small local hardware stores are a treasure for free friendly advice. Good luck and post back with some pictures. I like to measure down from the ceiling at two points to try and get an even looking board. Or just eye ball it
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