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Originally I was not going to touch these steps until spring thaw and there was 8" of water in the basement....
After check valving the runoff drains, we had another thaw, and had 2" around the steps.

Water was coming in through the stairs between the basement and ground floor.
When the addition was installed they built the stairs without a concrete pad so run off was going into the ground and coming into the basement.

I recently bought a pallet of marble staircase treads and risers from a auction for a great price.

The current steps are all 2x4 and 3/4 sheet. Only a few steps are the same riser height , and none are the same tread depth. There is no concrete under them, they just dug into dirt, filled it with clay fill, and covered it.

This is what I am working with.

The carpet is gone and the railing is scrap metal.

Question. I know I need to pour cement under all this wood work at least.

But with the 1 piece marble, should I be pouring all concrete steps and just thinset the marble to the cement????? How thick should I run the concrete , theres a few yards worth if its solid.
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