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Installing LCD to cement block

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I'll be installing an LCD television for my mother in her basement, and it's getting done on an exterior wall, in which the construction is 1/2 inch drywall backed by furring strips, then cement block. There's maybe a good inch between the drywall and the block. I plan to drill through the drywall, lined up with a furring strip, then into the cement block with a hammer drill and a 3/16 inch cement drill bit then using 1/4 inch x 2-3/4 inch long Tapcon anchors. I also understand that the cement block is hollow with maybe an inch or inch and a half of bite. My question to you guys is, will 2-3/4 inch length anchors be long enough? I plan to use 6 to 8 of them, 4 of which will be lined up with the two furring strips 16 inches apart for more snug of a hold.

The television is an LCD and weighs approximately 60 lbs. I plan to use a rack with the tilting feature, not the pivoting arm. TIA :)
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Toogle bolts are a good bet. There is this epoxy type plug that works well. What type of block are we dealing with. Is it the red clay block. I would try to hit a mortar joint and place those plastic plugs with some screws as well. If it were my house i would cut back the drywall and mount a two by twelve to the wall first, I would also power grab it to the wall on top of all the toggles and rawls or what not. You will not see it behind the t v. It would also give you a place to mount an outlet and a strip to hold all the hdmi cables and what not.
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