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Installing Laminate Flooring in Out-Of-Square House

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I have a house, built in 1977, that we were thinking of putting in laminate flooring all over the main level, which has a living room, small dining room, kitchen, rec room, foyer, and half-bath, totaling 700 square feet (the rooms are small). We like the look, cost, and low maintenance.

I am concerned about it's being out of square. When installing, I'm afraid that, by the time I get to the other side of the house, boards will be at a visible angle to the wall. How much of a concern is this usually?
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DIY Damo
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Not a big deal!

I have done hundreds of laminate floors and have never had an issue. Trim and quarter round usually fix that issue. You can try to find a laminate floor that has low profile seams. Always measure the rooms to see how far off square your are. Also, keep a 1/4 inch gap from the walls. Transition pieces at the doorways can solve this problem. You can also run the hallway a different direction. Good Luck!
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