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Hi there,
I'm looking to do an accent wall with some kind of wood panels. Haven't decided whether I'll just have Home Depot cut 1/4" down or buy Timberline Skinnies or flooring for the wall.

But here's my question--whenever I look at the install videos for all the materials, they use nails AND glue. Is it possible to just nail into studs and wall? I don't want to destroy the dry wall...that is my priority (and also making it look good...

(I am familiar with Artis Wall that is removable but they don't have the finish I want)

Thanks everyone!

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They use the glue because they are too lazy to mark the studs first.

just nailing to studs is possible, only need to be careful around / near electrical.

Plumbing might be in there too.

A stud finder is a good friend.

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