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Installing Ducting for New Home Addition

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I'm adding 1,000 sq. feet that has a bedroom, den, two full baths, and a laundry. I am trying to save a buck by installing the ducting myself. I think I want to use the coil ducting, rather than the stiff-type. Here are questions that I don't know answers to.

1. What diameter do I use? Is it different for bedroom, den, bathroom, laundry?
2. Can I attach coil ducting to the vent outlets with zip ties and still meet code?
3. Can I lay the ducting along the ceiling rafters, rather than suspending them from the roof rafters and still meet code?
4. Is it ok to run two air vents at opposite ends of the bedroom and the same at in the living room?
5. How do I end the ducting in the cavity where the return air vent will be?
6. What am I not considering?
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It's me that's doing the 1,000 sq. foot addition. The East wall is 90% glass set back 7' under a patio roof; both spanning 43'. I am adding an additional HAVC system, not tearing into/tying onto the existing system. Basically I don't want to hire a pro who overcharges like crazy in my area. And, what is a man j?
Good. I'll contact my utility company and talk with them. I will have a certified HAVC technician to install the actual systems and hook them up to the ducting. Meanwhile, I'll google the manuals you've told me about. That's good information, and I appreciate it. Any other tips will be helpful.
Excellent!! I have the free site pulled up right now. It asks me to fill in a blank for CFM. What is CFM?
I appreciate your following me on this. While you were answering, I googled CFM and found a free website that allowed me to fill in the blanks and develop the information. I'm copying it below. Compared to the information you just sent, would you make some basic recommendations for those next steps you described? Thanks!

Design Conditions for Residence:

Name of Residence:HouseNumber of Rooms:5Summer Design Temperature:95Winter Design Temperature:10

Room-by-Room Heat Gain (Loss) Data:

NameArea (Sq.Ft.)Heat GainHeat LossRoom # 1352.012703.91210231.32Room # 2320.03360.768887.2Room # 340.01363.442111.4Room # 440.01196.01835.4Room # 540.01196.01835.4

Recommeded SpacePak ® Equipment:

Total Residence Heat Loss: 24900.72Total Residence Heat Gain: 19820.111Model Number Recommended: ESP-2430D (2 Ton)
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Yeah, I think the total copy I tried to send you didn't come through. At least my copy doesn't show it all. Anyhow, your initial example was based on a 1 ton system. Now we know we are talking 2 ton/50k btu, might you revise your recommendations? Again, your patience has been more than appreciated. I'll save some serious bucks. As a retired teacher, that's a lot of help!!!
Incredibly helpful. I DO believe I will be able to make this happen with the help you've provided me tonight. I'm most appreciative. Folks like you help folks like me save a few bucks on a project that is already well into cost over-runs in these tough economic times. Best of tomorrows to you!!!

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