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Installing Chair Railing

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I bought and prepainted composite chair railing for my den. When I went to install with a nailer I found out my interior walls have studs 24" on center. Given the long distance between nails the railing will tend to gap. Do I have any alternative ways to install? Will some type of glue help? Not sure how to hold while it dries! I searched this site and have not found someone with a similar issue. It is a small room (11' by 11") and the outside wall has normal 16" studs. Any help is appreciated!
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liquid nail and hold in place for a minute or so or lean some furniture on it or use blue tape.
If its not perfectly against the wall, fear not. after the adhesive dries, youre going to have to use latex caulk anyway before you paint it. Its an easy job and dont try for perfection at the first attempt. The follow up procedures, caulk and paint will make the difference.
Apply adhesive to the back of the chair rail, nail into studs first, then push tight to wall and(assuming you have a nail gun) shoot two nails at opposing angles to "pinch" it to the drywall till the glue dries. Hand nailing will work if you preset the nail angles in the trim.
I've run into this before, we each have our own way of handling it. I like to cut pieces of 1 x 3, or some type pieces I have left from another job that will fit between the chair rail and the floor on about a 30 degree angle. I tape the end touching the chair rail and the floor, hopefully it's carpet. I use liquid nails in six skips between the studs and nailings. Wedge the boards between the chair rails and floor for about 30 minutes and it's set.
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