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Installing carpet tack strips

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Any tips or tricks about installing tack strips without hitting the baseboard trim with your hammer? With the tack strips a 1/4" from the base the little nails are so close and makes it difficult.

Also when you go around a closet door frame what is the best way to do the tack strips? Typically you have base along the wall, then casing at the edge of the door, then you have your door jamb and in the middle of the jamb you have the door stop. Wondering if you cut little pieced to follow each jog in the door frame and keeping the 1/4" gap? A link to a picture of a correctly done doorway would be great.

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Cut little pieces to go around the door. A piece of thin plywood or masonite against the wall will keep you from hitting the trim.
Those strips are WAY wide enough to keen from hitting the baseboard. If you have trouble, grab a piece of cardboard and sl it down between the nail in the tack strip and the baseboard. Ron
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